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About Han

Fellow entrepreneurs, here's a funded startup in its MVP design phase, on the lookout for a tech co-founder & a business developer! (Yep, we've got seed!)

Intrigued? So here's everything you need to know to take the first step!

A little about me (so you know who you're getting in bed with):

29 years old, I was born and raised in Dubai. I completed my schooling from University of Cambridge (IGCSE), followed by a diploma in Economics from the London School of Economics. I then moved to India to pursue my undergrads, and did my masters from Welingkars Institute of Management Studies. I am a CFA Level 3 candidate, and a certified Scuba Diver :)

I've been an investment banker for the last 8 years; working across cities such as New York, Geneva & Mumbai. I am an extremely social person, and an adrenalin junkie, and when I am not working I am at a Bonobo in Bandra or a Social, meeting and interacting with new people over light music, a relaxed environment, and good food.

My strengths: Communication (Extremely Strong), Sales (Very persuasive), Finance (obvioucsly), Tech (Jack of All), Marketing (6/10)

Next - The Business!
This is what it all boils down to. Your passion for the idea/business is THE deciding factor, so here goes:
We're building a weekend/vacation rental startup(web&mobile), which builds an end to end travel social esxperience. There isn't anything like this out there right now, and we're looking to cater to home stays predominantly. We're looking to be the Oyo for homestays. If this sector/industry/genre interests you, continue reading!

Where you come in:
Here's what I am Looking For:
1) Extremely dynamic numbers guy with an ivy league education or awe-inspiring experience in startup valuations, business development, and operations management!
2) A tech co-founder who can write code with his left pinky, in his sleep, with a vision to glare into the soul of the future! Yes, you have to be that good, second to none!

What I'm offering you?
I have NO DOUBT we're going to change lives, else we wouldn't have a term sheet. However, there's a lot of work to be done! I am offering the right co-founders equity, an allowance, a bed if you need one, and the silicon valley startup dream! What comes with that is the holy workplace, the maggi, the pressure, the redbulls, the best coffee, the white boards, the late nights, the hacking, the brainstorming and also the tools necessary to let loose. It's going to be the best days of our lives!

Read enough? Drop me a line and I'll get in touch! At the risk of sounding cocky, I am absolutely brilliant at what I do, and I promise you those who ride this wave with me will come out on top!