Hannah Milward

Wellington, New Zealand

Hannah's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Hannah

I am involved in the product development, planning, sales and marketing of www.verisafe.co

Emergency Help, At Risk Button's and Safety Check Text Message system.

Help Button.
Press if are are in trouble, instantly email, text and call your designated contact person/s with your details and GPS data.

At Risk Button.
Press if you think you could be at risk, set yourself up to receive 'check in' messages at intervals. If you do not check in, contacts are alerted with your details and latest GPS data. Additionally, every ten minutes GPS data is captured automatically while At Risk is active.

Automated safety checks.
You can choose to set up staff or loved ones with a daily (or as many times per day as appropriate) safety check up message.
Once they are set up, it runs with no daily or weekly maintenance. Simply set and forget.
Contacts are only alerted if recipients do NOT confirm their safety by clicking the link within the automated text message.

We are looking for a team mate (to discuss revenue share or shareholding) with some marketing and sales expertise to get this up and running outside of NZ.