Hansmeet Sethi

San Francisco, California, US

Board/COO at Neighborly
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Business Development
Product Management
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About Hansmeet

I'm a serial entrepreneur who has experience in various types of funding situations (vc, angel, bootstrapped) and outcomes (2 companies acquired, 1 profitable and running and some that failed). Since the start of the year, I've been working on starting something new and looking to meet like minded folks to partner with. My last company was a solo founder expedition, while the previous 2 had multiple co-founders. My preference is very strongly on having co-founders and I'm looking to expand my network and meet the right folks to make that happen from the start.

Most recently, I started Onskreen. We provided products focused on mobile UX. Long before the iPhone, we were were focused on making mobile phone interfaces elegant and enjoyable. Primarily we worked with large enterprises (operators, OEMs, etc...) to differentiate their devices via UX. Onskreen was bootstrapped, became profitable after a couple of years and has been since.

Prior to that, I helped to launch and run 4thpass, which created the concept of a mobile app store and licensed the platform to telecom operators around the world. We were acquired by Motorola and I worked there for a short stint before starting Onskreen. This was one of the first mobile + cloud products created and powered the first ever downloads of an app to a phone outside of Japan.

I was a CS major and worked as a developer out of college. I am writing code for prototypes these days and plan to as long as I have to get something off the ground, but will move out of a technical role as things get rolling.

Work Experience

COO & Member of Board of Directors


November 2014 - December 2016