hardik gupta

Bengaluru, India

Software Developer Engineer at Flipkart | Bits pilani
hardik's Skills
Java Frameworks
Apache Spark
Apache ZooKeeper
Apache Kafka
Java Web Services
Web Services API
Web Services
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About hardik

Since childhood, computers have intrigued me. I still remember sitting in front on 1Gb Ram 256Gb disk Intel core i3 and playing GTA Vice city, Road rash, thinking how can someone built this when in school I am writing “hello Hardik! Have a good day” in BASICS. Through high school , I grew from writing “hello” to build my first website for school project based HTML, CSS.
This thing continued with me through my college at BITS Pilani where there were more than enough available resources I even imagined as a kid. I started with new language, algorithms, Android development and finally created my first app. Then I realised there was so much to learn.
Ever since writing programs , I have been obsessed with the idea of using software to solve practical problem. Started by writing brute force solution to solve sudoku, to code algorithm to solve Dynamic Allocation problem using Simulated Annealing.

Now , in Industry, same things still drives me today. More problems to solve, same problems with higher difficulty, optimum solution with current resources, best solution with extra resources and so on, all these push me to go on and on.

Work Experience

Software Developer Engineer

Flipkart Internet Pvt. Ltd.

January 2018 - Today


BITS Pilani

B.E. Electrical and Electronics + M.sc Economics

2013 - 2018