Harry Bennett

Basingstoke, United Kingdom

Harry's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Harry

We are a start up in the B2B enterprise space.

Our aim is to improve the outdated and inefficient service that callers receive when making contact with retailers/service providers call centres. Our system eliminates phone menu navigation, the wait on hold then the information exchange once on the line.

This is all achieved via a web app I've had developed.

To date I have received £40,000 in funding (excluding £5,000+ plus of my personal money) and been working on this on a full time basis for over 12 months. We have just finished building a working MVP with the money we've received so far. I hope to go for formal seed funding in the close - immediate future. This might be via a VC or start up accelerator which would give us access to world class mentors/contacts.

I have been in contact with a couple of companies who are interested in taking a further look into the product.

So far I have achieved all the above on my lonesome! Realistically I require 1/2 partners to make this a viable business opportunity. I'm seeking:

Developers (Full Stack RoR/any experience of Asterisk a plus)
B2B Sales executives with relevant experience

Equity/salary up for discussion