Harry Long

Bristol, United Kingdom

First time Founder, of a for profit, Tech for Good platform
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Business Process
Change Management
Business Analysis
Building Strong Relationships
Business Development
Product Management

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About Harry

I am launching a for-profit tech for good platform which brings together local businesses with the voluntary sector. The platform is currently in development and will be ready towards the end of the year.

The aim is to launch in Bristol, Bath and the surrounding area with a proof of concept model and then develop/scale appropriately according to the response.

It's a journey... and should be lots of fun!

I am looking for someone who is prepared to have a go at everything and anything. Most of the early stage start-up tasks will be building a community of users and businesses. Personal skills, sales, quirky thinking and the ability to turn up with a smile the are primary attributes.

I am a first-time founder, however, have 17 years in the workplace with a variety of sector experience, mostly focused on operations and management.


University of Bath

Material Engineering

1995 - 1999


Entrepreneurial Spark, Brsitol


Co-working Space

The Guild, Bath

2016 - 2017