Harry Smith

New York, New York, US

Harry's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Harry

Hello; I'm looking for a designer, programmer and a business partner to help me develop a music social platform that would connect artist and identify good artists for our expanded media as well the e-commerce part of the business model that would help in the focus on increasing sales.

I myself have been working on a music startup that is focus on disrupting the business model of the current music industry by innovating the model of the 90's to mid 2000's that broke sales records by bring what has worked in the form of innovation to:

1.Constructional Organization (Business to Business)
2.Expansion of radio shows
3.Direct Sellers
4.Hardware for the home

Now I believe that most people in both technology and music industry don't have a complete understanding on how the two can work together to solve basic problems. I was part of the innovation for 12 years in the music industry during the 90's which was done to help artist's first and then satisfying the consumer in the right way (in our thinking).

Most music startups are built with the intent to satisfy their owner's by attracting just the end user of that product without any focus on the product itself to satisfy the consumer. Also I think low sale is due to the lack of good hardware for the home which if sold will add to the many reasons why some would like to buy music.

My point is that you should not give up on any industry that have solvable problems with the right mind looking at it.