New York, New York, US

Hasi's Skills
Product Management

About Hasi

About myself:
An entrepreneur at heart who has in-depth experience in financial services.
Worked many years in private banking before changing to implementing core banking software (portfolio management).
Recently worked for the leading crowd funding platform in Switzerland.
Have a BSc. in Business Information Systems and currently obtaining my MBA from the leading Business School in Switzerland.
Relocating soon to New York and looking for a ROCKSTAR DEVELOPER to transform my business idea into reality!

About YOU:
As mentioned you should be a ROCKSTAR DEVELOPER who can implement the idea of a complex backend where institutional clients interact with private clients and vice-versa. In addition as the product should have an amazing user-experience the design of the solution is key.
Need a developer who is committed to the idea of creating a leading financing solution. This partner shall also become the co-found and receive equal shares.
In near future a participation at the Spring 2013 Techstars Batch would be an amazing way to kick-off and pursue the venture idea with a fast pace.
The product solution shall be enrolled first in the USA and soon after in Asia and central Europe!
Looking forward to hearing from YOU!