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Toronto, Canada

Passionate to bring the self-driving revolution to supply chain planning. Looking for cofounders
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About Hasnain

Supply Chain and logistics move the world. It drives manufacturing which drives products and innovations. I speak that language.

I have been in the supply chain and logistics field for just under 10 years now. Armed with a Masters’ degree in Industrial Engineering from Texas A&M University in the US, I have been involved in supply chain consulting, manufacturing companies operations and logistics both in the US and Canada.

I have had some entrepreneurial ventures in the past that failed and I learned a lot from them. Specifically - things like: sell before you build, cash in the bank is king, nothing comes without atleast 8-10 follow-ups, always 10x the amount of effort you estimate to actually get the job done, controlled risk is key for progress, things happen – deal with it and many more which I can share over a cuppa coffee!

I have now combined my domain expertise and entrepreneurship passion to work on my supply chain software and AI venture -

Insideseed – Our mission:
We aim to create a self-driving supply chain which utilizes AI and the latest supply chain planning methodologies to optimize and help small and medium sized organizations make savvy supply chain decisions to help add more bottomline $

Most small and medium sized businesses lose a lot of money on their supply chain due to sub-optimal inventory planning. Focused supply chain resources are expensive and their existing people while they can do a good job often wear multiple hats and hence just don't find the time. Our goal is to leverage AI and help them plan, execute and maintain their inventory operations resulting in sustainable improved service, reduced cost and more bottomline $ for their business with lesser investment of their most precious resource- their time.

I have been hustling last few months to garner clients and I finally have some paid clients for Phase 1 of the product that I had built with a dev shop and currently operating. Now that I have ratified market potential and have potential paid clients lined up for Phase 2 (which was where I intended to go as thats where the beauty of supply chain and AI/NLP come together), looking to build a product for them as a pilot and need a partner.

I am looking for co-founders passionate about practical applications of AI and NLP to work with me on this opportunity. Please connect and I will share more with details on what I am working on and what I need help on.
Primary skill-sets technically are
1) SQL databases and ETL, database design and optimization
2) Python as a core stack associated with Javascript/HTML/CSS (open to discussion)
3) Machine learning (ML)
4) Augmented Intelligence (AI) – I purposely don’t use the word artificial because we are really far away from creating a truly artificial intelligent system (when I mean we, I mean the level of technology currently in the market). This is more machine learning and some additional domain specific expertise, hence the word augmented
5) Natural language processing (NLP)

For more information on my bio, please refer to my LinkedIn page:

For me, fit is key and mission comes first, so reach out to me if you think you wanna explore this further hasnain.millwala@insideseed.com



The greatest risk in life is never daring to risk - Oprah Winfrey


Texas A&M University

MS Industrial Engineering

2011 - 2011