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Toronto, Canada

I come with logistics experience. Looking for tech cofounders
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About Hasnain

Supply Chain and logistics move the world. I speak that language.

I have been in the supply chain and logistics field for just under 10 years now. Armed with a Masters’ degree in Industrial Engineering from Texas A&M University in the US, I have been involved in supply chain consulting, manufacturing companies operations and logistics both in the US and Canada.

I have had some entrepreneurial ventures in the past that failed and I learned a lot from them. Specifically - things like: sell before you build, cash in the bank is king, nothing comes without atleast 8-10 follow-ups, always 10x the amount of effort you estimate to actually get the job done, controlled risk is key for progress, things happen – deal with it and many more which I can share over a cuppa coffee!

I have now combined my domain expertise and entrepreneurship passion to work on a logistics last mile start-up involving technology and yes physical vans and trucks. I bring the logistics experience, we have a cofounder who brings the AI and ML with data science needed and looking for a 3rd core technology chief to round off the founding team

More about our venture can be found at (will be made live when we have finalized a few things)

For more information on my bio, please refer to my LinkedIn page:

For me, fit is key and mission comes first, so reach out to me if you think you wanna explore this further at hkmillwala@gmail.com



The greatest risk in life is never daring to risk - Oprah Winfrey


Texas A&M University

MS Industrial Engineering

2011 - 2011