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Toronto, Canada

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Supply Chain and logistics move the world. It drives manufacturing which drives products and innovations. I speak that language.

My company/product is about business intelligence software in the supply chain management world (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Business_intelligence). It helps businesses (small and large) make sense of their data, get easy access, make easy decisions and collaborate in a friendly environment across the extended value chain.I have built a prototype, tested it in the market and got great feedback and potential customers. Its now time to build the whole product and looking for a technical co-founder to join me on this journey. As you can see, this is not just an idea. I have built a prototype, got it market validated and now want to move forward

But building a software application without a technical co-founder does not work in the long run. My background is in supply chain/sales/business dev. I am looking for someone to join me from a technical side (programmer/developer) with specialties in full stack development, database programming and with some AI background (preferred) would be helpful. Interest in the world of data and collaboration is a must

For non supply chain people, here is something to showcase the problem I solve: Say I am a manufacturer with 2 locations in China, one packaging location in the US, some 40-50 suppliers that deliver from Europe, India and the US and distribute product through various channels both retail and direct in Canada. For most companies, this is not uncommon and as they grow these co-ordination problems become a nightmare. There are a gazillion software applications to help each part of it, be it purchasing, inventory management, quality management, distribution and logistics. I am here to help companies grow better and make smart decisions and empower their people through a unified platform to see it all and take control of their business

I am not looking for getting a technical co-founder and have him work day and night solely building the program. I am willing to invest money into this and hire a team and expect a co-founder to be there right with me in building the product, provide technological direction, getting hands dirty with programming, hiring developers and teams as needed, raising capital to expand etc. Looking for someone to be in this for the long haul. This is not a fly by night app whose goal is to raise lots of money, get high valuations, get acquired and exit. If you're interested in running a sustainable business with revenue in mind from Day 1, then this makes sense.

If you're interested in building a sustainable business, like data management and helping enterprises simplify and make decisions in this BIG DATA world (and obviously have the technical skills), hit me up. You never know where this might take you!!


Texas A&M University

MS Industrial Engineering

2011 - 2011