hatem swaileh

Design, Technical, Marketing

Amman, Jordan


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About hatem

Experienced Web Development, Web Designing, Printing Designing and Networking committed to maintaining cutting edge technical skills and up-to-date industry knowledge. Responsible Network Technician with comprehensive experience scheduling conversions and cut-over. Extensive experience monitoring, tracking, and evaluating global IT infrastructure incidents. Systems architect with expertise in requirement gathering and analysis. architectural, component and interface design and development for web-based applications in multiple domains. System analyst specializing in object-orientated analysis and design. Graphic Design Specialist with practical knowledge of design techniques, tools and principles for production of technical plans. Dynamic Graphic Designer bringing a broad background in collateral design, website development and media production. Deadline-focused Graphic Design Specialist with broad skill range including collateral design, web design and project management. Accomplished Graphic Design Specialist with 11 years experience creating themes and graphics for specialized content management systems. Assertive and charismatic marketing executive offers vast experience in SEO management, user experience, content strategy and website architecture.


Co-Founder Chief Tech Officer and Marketing VP at Checkers Inc.