New York, New York, US

6Hats's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About 6Hats

Expert at developing large-scale, high-volume, distributed systems for one of the largest data networks in the world in the time-sensitive, critical financial services domain.
I have research publications in the area of Wireless networks as well as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
Recently, been involved with some projects involved in Big Data Sciences applying data models for large-volume network utilization data.
In my personal interest, venturing into Internet of Things - exploring various Arduino & Raspberry projects.
On management side, I have been running a team of around 20 people with multi-million dollars budget & business planning.
Looking for:
I have couple of ideas about solving large scale transportation problem combining data from new IoT sensors & utilizing Big data analysis for prediction. I am building a basic prototype/POC/demo for this. But I am struggling in validating business feasibility and identifying potential ROI in terms of sales/revenue. The project probably can be developed for either consumer-focused OR for enterprise-acquisition/government-sponsored.
Hence, looking for co-founder either on business development side with some previous experience OR on programming side with experience in above areas that allows me more time on business-side.