Haxhi Rugova

New York, New York, US

Founder of JusPost.com - The World Real Estate Network
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About Haxhi

JUSPOST.COM is an American networking company founded by executive chairman Haxhi Rugova. This online network will unite a fragmented real estate marketplace and provide a centralized hub for real estate professionals around the world.

JUSPOST.COM connects the real estate world.
The real estate industry has always been segmented. JUSPOST.COM will transform traditional real estate marketing and networking models by offering its search like engine platform to bridge all sectors of the Real Estate Industry. The robust network was designed to create new opportunities and valued connections for real estate-related professionals around the world.

"Technology - especially the internet - has changed how everyone works and lives. The real estate industry has always been quick to embrace new technology and adapt its business models to thrive," said Haxhi Rugova, executive chairman of Juspost. "We have created a dedicated network for real estate industry professionals around the world. This is a major development for our industry and we're proud to be at the forefront."

JUSPOST.COM steps into the networking ring with heavyweight giants such as LinkedIn and Facebook to create its own niche exclusive to the real estate industry. Brokers, agents, developers, investors, lenders, appraisers, attorneys, architects, engineers, and property managers from all sectors of real estate world will be invited to join the new network.

Not only will the online network provide users with local and international reach, but the friendly-user experience, competitive pricing, and convenience of managing content in real time will incentivize early adoption by many in the real estate industry.

The network plans to reach 1-2 million real estate related professionals by 2018. Users will be offered a one-week free trial with a monthly, quarterly or yearly membership option plan following the trial.


The World Real Estate Network - Haxhi Rugova

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