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About Nick

Hi, I am a B2B (businesses selling to businesses) product manager interested in creating a consumer facing web app.

I manage software products in my day job, and am used to working with remote development teams.

I also created a website, which earns about $5k/yr from adsense, which I am interested in reinvesting in something a little more adventurous.

I have a few ideas, and am planning on writing up one or more mvp (minimal viable product) specifications and getting some quotes from odesk/elance to determine viability.

I have a broad smattering of technical experience, most of which is largely out of date. I am proficient with HTML/ CSS and have a strong knowledge of SQL.

If anyone has technical experience in the following I would love to talk about work for hire or a partnership
-API access to Google Docs - Create/read/write for spreadsheets
-Uploading Word Docs, converting to HTML, then overlaying multiple notes