Miguel C , Founder

Business Developer

Hazleton, Pennsylvania, US

Miguel is looking for someone to join him/her

Miguel is looking for a founder who

Has expertise as

Business Developer Product Manager Programmer

Can commit to working

40 hours per week

Is able to invest

Can offer equal investment ($5,000 - $15,000)

Relevant industries



About Miguel


I'm a 22 college dropout who has been working full-time since a young age (16), and I've been making money to support myself since then.

Not having enough money to pay for my tuition was one of the main reason why I had to stop attending school. I've been working from home since 2012 and I'm able to make a decent amount of money per month which I use to pay my rent + bills.

I have a few ideas for some businesses and I would like to team-up with a honest individual to work together. I'm looking for a developer, programmer, business developer. Basically, I'm looking for a person who can make my business idea come to life. I look for a person who's willing to work hard, and be unique.

I want to grow as a person and as a "businessman". I have BIG dreams and I want to create a successful business.

My best skill is traffic generation.

Thanks for reading.

Managing People
Product Management