Heath Rost

Denver, Colorado, US

Heath's Skills

About Heath

Oh where to start... I began my journey programming at the age of 9 and at 23 I stepped out of that career as a programmer analyst at a fortune 500 company in Minnesota.

I began attending all the largest marketing conferences, arriving days before the conference started and staying days later to gain mentorship from the speakers, authors, entrepreneurs, and marketing directors at the conference. I've only been reading the literature I've been told to by the best of the best. My last 6 months have been quite crazy: http://heathrost.com/reading

I started up a media company, http://personablemedia.com and I'm selling websites and doing the marketing for several small businesses via their business blog, event promotion, and Facebook and Twitter pages. Inbound marketing and SEO is definitely an expertise of mine, and I enjoy curating content.

What I'm looking for is someone who can help manage employees and give direction as to what the next steps that need to be performed are. Currently I'm doing all the work for this media company--but what I would really like to do is build social networks around apps that we create. I want to throw up apps as fast as we can and promote the crap out of them via inbound marketing and other social media platforms.

I really understand Twitter and have an awesome grasp for how to communicate and gain influence from other strong influencers. Getting this media company set up as been an overhaul, but it's almost there. I would love to be able to sit down on my Twitter account and really do some damage, but because I have been a one-man show for so long its been difficult for me to manifest any one thing to the extent I know I'm capable of.

Because I love the name of the company I started, "Personable Media," and I also have a lifestyle blog "Personable Life," and what I want to do more than anything is build apps that makes peoples' lives easier and bring them closer to God, I would love to be able to eventually manifest Personable Apps--a domain I've already registered. However, I am definitely open to helping whoever I'm called to help at this moment in time.