Chicago, Illinois, US

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About Heather

I've developed a new personality typing model, that gives the user a collaborative report including elements of: Carl Jung's Cognitive Function Theory, Socionics, Enneagram and Disc Theories. The report that I am able to deliver is individually personalized, based off of just ONE 16 question assessment that is simple, yet highly reliable.
It not only gives the user the individual information that they would have had to take many different tedious surveys to receive, but instead, it interweaves them into a description of a much more vibrant and colorful and comprehensive personality profile, that leaves the user in awe. Not only that, but they are also left with guidance so they can easily move forward into better relationships with all those in their life.
3 years of detailed research has discovered some never before seen compatibility components, new developmental models and unheard ideas about cognitive interplay, but also a favored theory about the genetic correlation to type.

I have a lot more to share... with the right person.

Glad you found me! Talk soon. Heather.