Heather Neufeld

Newport Beach, California, US

Heather's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Heather

Hi! I'm a seasoned manager of 12 years experienced with multi-tasking and project oversight with exceptional organizational and interpersonal skills, an astute attention to detail and a proven track record in improving productivity.

I'm also a foodie with a passion for clean eating and teaching people to love veggies. I'm the founder of Project Vegetable (www.projectvegetable.com), a digital accountability partner that makes eating the vegetable rainbow fun. Vegetables are undisputedly the most nutrient-dense foods we can eat, and yet most people don't eat enough of them. We are moving veggies back to the center of people's plates!

I'm seeking a technology co-founder with awesome programming skills who also envisions a world where people are living vibrant, healthy lives as a result of eating a vegetable-filled diet.