Hein Win Lwin

Boston, Massachusetts, US

Hein's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Hein

If you are interested in a fully stacked resume and qualifications, I will bluntly say that I am not your guy. My strengths are in the things I put my mind into and my weaknesses would be everything else. In this day and age, you can be good at anything if you have the effort and diligence to do so. Therefore, the qualities that I pride myself for is my desire to learn & grow and my undying work ethic.

You definitely have heard this from countless aspiring entrepreneurs but I genuinely believe that my startup idea will reshape the world (specifically, social networking).

I am looking for someone who shares the vision and is willing to do whatever it takes (be it learn a new skill, have sleepless nights) to turn this vision into a reality. I have a stronger background knowledge on the business development but I have dedicated enough time and effort to learn enough programming to make a prototype. I want someone who has a strong knowledge in IOS development (fluent in swift or objective C) who is willing to take on tasks beyond the computer with an insatiable desire to learn and grow.

I want someone who is genuinely motivated by the idea and the vision above all else. This project may not be the most sensible choice for you to make but few of the best things in life usually are.