Helen Johnson


New York, New York, US

CEO at completed first stage start up
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Founded 2+ startups

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I am looking for someone to help me with my art business: www.commissionanartist.com. I have been running this since 2009 and due to personal reasons I have had to stop it. What I want is someone to take it over and make it do what it should have done.

My background is finance and investment, I am not an artist! However, you don't need to be an artist to run this business as we have a lot of artists already on the site and our job is to act as the go between.

I will of course relate more details and plans once I find the right person for the job. I am actually based in the UK myself but the company has a presence in the USA.

Please get in touch if you think you can help. It is not only a lucrative opportunity but it also helps the world by helping artists to find work and eat and do what they are good at, and do their artwork which at least 95% of us cannot do.


it says to "add a quote that best describes your way of thinking" and so there is only one mantra to go by which came my way when I lived for a while in Italy: "Ci voule un po de pazia a vivere bene" "Ci" is pronounced "Chi" and "voule" is pronounced "woul-e" it means: "It takes a little bit of madness to live well". - random italian

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Management and Investment Analyst

Investment Companies

January 1999 - Today

My art business was created "for fun" and to help my artist friend. I didn't expect it to make any money. I am only wired to do investment, cryptocurrency even, advising clients on what to invest into and helping companies raise money (different roles, not at the same time or that would be a conflict of interest for sure!) I advise government financial regulators and assist the industry with compliance generally. But you don't need to know much about that as this is all about getting Commission an Artist running properly and I hope that someone here can do that for me and do it much better than I ever can/could/ or will. It would be a travesty to let it go to waste.




1995 - 1999


MA( Finance)

University (sorry I don't want to say personal details on here)