Hemang Patel

London, United Kingdom

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Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Hemang

Having won a number of innovation awards within Google I left to create my own start up. With a very basic web based prototype a beta test would fail to give us any meaningful data.

Investors I have shown the whole idea to are very keen but have asked me to find a technical co-founder who can help build out the initial MVP that we can test. Once we have some data we can very quickly obtain hundreds of thousands of pounds/dollars in investment.

The business could very well change the future of retail both offline and online and aims to be an early adopter of technology aimed at bridging the two.

I'm looking for an iOS and/or Android developer - or simply someone who can use Phonegap to help create the initial mobile app from which we can grow. The ideal technical co-founder would be a superstar good enough to take my idea and run with it. He/She would be willing to put in the hours with me and thrive in the startup environment!


University of Manchester

BA(Hons) International Business, Finance, and Economics

2010 - 2010

CASS Business School

MSc Management with Strategy

2011 - 2011


PRINCE2 Practitioner