Hemant Sabat

Dallas, Texas, US

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Business Development
Product Management

About Hemant

Dear Entrepreneurial Leaders,
We work at Coscend, a tele-platform services partner of enterprises, hospitals and universities in the U.S. and India. 
Coscend is seeking entrepreneurial business and technology leaders to join its core team which is building a collaborative future in a market at its tipping point.
Below is an introduction to Coscend. Thank you.

Hemant K. Sabat
CEO, Coscend Communications
Coscend’s service enables real-time video consultation and one-stop diagnosis of live feeds from connected devices and tools instead of using multiple modes such as Skype, e-mail, learning devices and medical instruments. ONE SINGLE service offers enterprises, hospitals, training organizations and universities 300+ services that can be currently offered in the industry by combining multiple products while on steroids.

No capital investment including hardware or software installation is required. Customers use this service at an operating cost of an average monthly mobile phone and Internet bill.

What customers do
From any remote location and by using a laptop or tablet,
• Enterprise employees use Coscend’s video tele-collaboration and telepresence services to enable employees to sell to investors and customers, collaboratively develop products, run customer operations, manage business operations, interactively train employees and partners, and offer remote desktop support.
• Hospitals use Coscend’s telemedicine services purpose-built for hospitals, home healthcare and hospice providers and emergency clinics in order to provide affordable healthcare by timely and remotely serving needy patients.
• Trainers and educators use Coscend’s virtual learning services to train and educate employees, students and partners.

Use cases that make this service one-of-its-kind include:
• 4K resolution video conference (one-click switch to casual video conference) • connectivity to 50+ medical devices • connectivity to screencast devices • remote control of medical devices • in-built industry-specific 200+ tools • 9000x magnification views • remote monitoring of data center servers • 1000 attendees or more • all you can eat that your Internet speed permits.
• To suit specific needs, on-demand turn on or off 300+ services.
• Access from a laptop browser. No installation needed.