Hemanth Kumar

Bellevue, Washington, US

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About Hemanth

I am a software developer at a respectable company in greater Seattle area. Back when I was in college I wanted to use the skills I learn to make the world a better place. Now that I am earning a handsome salary and have challenging work, I can't help but recognize the fact that the work I am doing is pointless.
So, I have started working on a project with great ambitions. The prototype for the product is in progress. (The prototype was ready back in December, then I switched technologies to be truly cross platform and had to re-write everything from scratch). One thing I can say about the project is that its truly going to change the world.
I am looking for an ambitious UI developer. My skills are mainly in the backend and I do UI only as a necessity. So, I am looking for a person to compliment my skills. I have a plan to make the product public and and beyond. I cannot pay salary to the person as of now. Hence, I would prefer someone who is already employed but have that itchy feeling to make their mark on the world.