Henry Boateng

Los Angeles, California, US

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Product Management
Business Development

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About Henry Boateng

I am a business developer, with three years of experience in the business. I have a clear vision, the strategic skill to ensure successful implementation of the vision, a passion for quality, and a network of business connections. I am well-versed in various fields: that gives me that uncommon skill of looking at a problem from different perspectives, and coming up with efficient, well-designed, solutions for them. Currently, in ecommerce, which my company, UTOPYA, will be disrupting, all the big players combined-- Amazon, Wal-Mart, Staples and so forth-- have only captured 6% of the market. In other words, these companies-- despite being pioneers-- have still not been able to convince 94% of Americans to use their services. The question is why? Obviously something is not being done effectively. But what is it? . This problem is what Utopia's business model hopes to solve. And it is problems like these that my skill-set is tailor-made for.

UTOPYA's goal, in the next five years, is to become the largest e-commerce business in the U.S, disrupting various sectors along the way. I am looking for a partner, who is not intimidated by big name companies; who thinks big (and is not held back by process); who wants to solve big problems that are not easy, but challenging; and who believes he has that skill that can work magic-- in concert with a dynamic team, with wide-ranging expertise-- and help bring into existence a world that currently exists only in the imagination.


Oxford University

Fellowship in Leadership

2013 - 2013

Rutgers University

Managerial Economics, concentration in Entrepeneurship

2012 - 2012