Henry Goodelman

Kings County, New York, US

Henry's Skills
Product Management

About Henry

I have enlisted numerous types of community organizations across both New York City and Philadelphia to implement an exciting campaign. Corporate sponsors and private donations will surely follow and provide the means for us to provide the product for the people to engage in the activity.

Staff at a local college, my career inspires me to create services that are useful, needed and capable of generating both revenue and excitement.

I need someone that knows how to and can afford to help file ALL of the appropriate and required materials to establish a nonprofit organization and how to apply for 501c3 status.


University of Pittsburgh

M.Ed. Higher Education Management

2011 - 2011

University of Pittsburgh

B.S. Psychology, School of Arts and Sciences

2010 - 2010

University of Pittsburgh

B.S. Applied Developmental Psychology, School of Education

2010 - 2010