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I am looking for a FEMALE Co-Founder for HerComputer®

HerComputer is centered and built around the UNARGUABLE concept that "Men and Women, Think, Learn and Communicate *differently,* so, HerComputer® summed up is: Computer-Speak, in Woman-Talk!

I have over 1/2 dozen women (around the Country) I'm working with to move this forward... but MY inability to coordinate all this "single-ManDedly" is compounded by the core concept!

I won't go into it now (will gladly explain to whomever asks, though) because it's not relevant to this request, but please (for the moment) accept that a Male has valid-and-genuine reason for starting an ALL Female Company; but, as a Male I'm limited in my ability to move this forward.

There's other relevant factors involved too, but putting all that aside... w/o a Female Co-Founder I'm dead in the water...

All I'll say for right now, in closing is that there is NO greater opportunity that exists Online than the HerComputer®.

I'm (obviously) not looking for the Wrong Woman :-), but the Right Woman will make Millions of Dollars... relatively quickly!

The business/framework is here... just waiting on Her!!!