Hilary Weber

San Francisco, California, US

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I am passionate about startups. My mission is to enable promising entrepreneurs, co-founders and startup teams to develop their leadership abilities, management/business acumen and collaboration skills so that their new companies will grow and thrive, which in turn fuels the community at large. I come from a long line of entrepreneurs that goes back (literally) hundreds of years.

I am a Berkeley-Haas MBA, seasoned business leader, entrepreneur, leadership consultant and experienced professional coach. I founded Opportu Startup Leadership Consulting, a nexus organization of skilled professionals that provides leadership development/training, organizational design/development consulting and customized coaching at the individual, co-founder, team and organizational levels. I and my virtual team “do whatever it takes” to help ensure the success of the startups we consult – it runs the gamut from training/coaching on time management and prioritization to strategic planning and process development to sales/business development to personal confidence and ego issues. Opportu exists to help founders “fast-forward” through their leadership learning curves to meet the high-speed demands of the modern startup.

Prior to founding Opportu, I directed digital strategy and ran departments in both small and large enterprises across industries, mainly in healthcare (Kaiser Permanente), information management/technology (Thompson) and publishing (Macworld). In those roles, my own leadership approach encompassed being a mentor, coach and trainer to hundreds of colleagues, direct reports and senior executives, and I also hired multiple coaches and leadership consultants for my own local and remote teams over the years. I have presented at many national conferences and other venues and have written multiple print and online articles; I am now writing my first book on leadership. I am an adjunct coach at U.C. Berkeley, a Venture Advisor at Skydeck Accelerator and an Advisor for Astia.


University of California, Berkeley


1993 - 1993

Ohio State University

Bachelor's of Arts

1982 - 1982