Himanshu Garg

Bengaluru, India

Himanshu's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Himanshu

I am ex-google engineer. I am working on an idea to connect retailer and customers over mobile and web platform, along with this I am working on some consulting projects and managing a team of 4-5 software engineers to deliver those projects. I along with my team is brilliant at technology skills. I am looking for some hardcore business guy with experience in retail/internet domain to complement our technology expertise who can-
Strategize and implement solid marketing plans based on short-term and long-term goals.

·Conceptualize/develop digital campaigns that have viral potential and executing them through relevant creative channels.

·Create great content calendars with clever call-to-actions which will be used for our social networks

·Create blogs and occasional newsletters. Strategize ways to engage and activate passive users.

·Identify and penetrate potential markets, leading to downloads in that area.

·Implement competitive strategies that help us excel in the market.

·Cold calling, going to startup events, trade fairs, business meetups etc.

·Meeting and presenting sales presentations to Indian and offshore clients.

·Ultimately, your marketing work should = incoming Volume of users with high retention/activity rate.

We are not looking for employees, but a highly motivated co-founder.


IIT Roorkee


2007 - 2007