Hisham Faouri

London, United Kingdom

Hisham's Skills
Product Management

About Hisham

I am a certified digital marketing professional with 13 years of experience. I have worked in multiple agency environments heading up digital strategies, innovation and integration of digital within the overall communications strategies.

I am an experienced strategic planner and have used the SOSTAC planning framework which is adopted by the Institute of Direct Marketing in UK. This framework provides a systematic approach to devising, implementing, optimizing, and maintaining digital and integrated marketing communication strategies.

Being a planner and strategist, my past experience required excellent oral and written communication and presentation skills, outstanding creative thought process and brainstorming capabilities, solid technical and cross media knowledge, in addition to immense interpersonal and balanced leadership skills with internals teams to bring own laid plans and strategies to life.

During my past roles, I have cultivated and managed internal teams and cells of marketing, creative, and technical specialists, to work simultaneously together and deliver marketing campaigns and solutions across multiple projects and industries.

I have dedicated the last two years to freelancing, providing web consultancy services to start ups and entrepreneurs who are launching online products and services. With its ups and downs, I have built a solid bidirectional experience, both, by learning from the entrepreneurs' world which was new to me, and by giving me the chance to apply my long previous experience in digital marketing communication into the test within a fast-moving simulated condition. In most of my projects, I was commission to from the start of the planning & inception phase all the way to launch, maintaining traction, and finally securing the first rounds of investments.