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Gary Wong

Product Manager, Marketer, Business Developer

Hong Kong, , Hong Kong


Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About Gary

I'm most interested in cracking a hole in traditional / boring / non-sexy industries, i.e. government, law, education, etc. because they are mostly bureaucratic and inefficient, and the likelihood to building the next Facebook / Tinder / SnapChat in the hottest area is small.

Seven years ago, I ran my group buying business but failed.

Now I work in finance, and I am a hustler. I'm learning Meteor.js on the side and I am looking for a like-minded technical co-founder to explore opportunities.

I am a fan of the Lean Startup model. I'm a local Hong Kong-er. I get things done.

Does this sound like someone you'd like to work with? Message me to grab drinks :)