hoon hwangbo

Los Angeles, California, US

Cofounder and CEO of Juniper
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Business Development

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First time founder

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About hoon

I am motivated by seeing an idea become reality and seeing the impact it has on the people who get to enjoy it.

I'm interested in a technical Cofounder to come in manage our outsourced team of developers and to manage the code and to make sure the code is clean and to add functions to it as we evolve.

The app design is complete. Web design is 2 weeks out. Was not going to do a website but had a pivot and started on the web design last week.

Ideally would like to find a technical Cofounder before the development starts so that they can be in charge from the beginning and can influence it for the best fit.

Ecommerce, Social Enterprise, Mobile App, providing an ideal environment for small business owners to thrive..


Someone once told me not to bite off more than I can chew. I said I'd rather choke of greatness than nibble on mediocrity. - ?

Work Experience

Managing member

Heritage CP Holdings

January 2012 - January 2017

Real Estate Investment Company specializing in Immigration Investments


Diamond BS

January 2011 - Today

6 retail stores in the Los Angeles area


University of Southern California

Global Business

1999 - 2003