Hossein R.

Belgrade, Serbia

Hossein's Skills
Full Stack
Web Development
Back-end Programming
Business Strategy

About Hossein

The wide-open observing eyes of the newly born was indeed an early sign of engineeringly gifted child: in search of bugs to be fixed and possible innovations for the next generation of products to ... As he began to grapple with confinement to human's body, seeking help he harvested damage which with the series of unfortunate events that followed, became the drive for artistic expressions and autodidactic immersions in psychology. At youth, he tried to escape the voice of confinement to lab suits or clergy cloak by applying for architecture, however, he found himself far more passionate to solve social problems. He sought to gain the qualifying leadership skills by attending business schools in jacket & jeans – distinguishing himself as being there for non-profit start-up aspirations … But as the pile of failed start-up partnerships & also romantic defeats filled up his home-office’s work-desk, searching for the fault in himself he realized, he has lost his entrepreneurship running-shoes back in childhood ...