Howard Rambin

Houston, Texas, US

Howard's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Howard

I have owned my own commercial real estate company for 45 years. Recently semi retired, I have handed the day to day off to a fellow I trained and coached for 20 years.

I am starting a new company whose mission is to create a non correlated, high yield, diversified source of current cash flow for myself and investors and to help our customers improve thier lives through fitness and fun, the them of the franshie chian the we are associated with

Also, since I enjoy coaching throughout my career, this new company will provide/serve as a training ground to help people gain the skills & experience necessary to own and run a small business, thereby creating financial independence.

Because of my age, I am looking for a younger person with managerial experience, especially in retail stores, that can join me on the operations side and who has the foresight, desire and passion to grow the business. My role has always been and will continue to be vision, strategy, planning, with a strong background ion marketing, finance and accounting.

I will actively participate in the overall management of the company and coaching of a coachable and visionary person. I always look to hire character and train skills but would like someone with 3 to 5 years experience in managing/operating retail stores.
This person should be high energy and a great people person. Having a firm knowledge of and appreciation for the “customer experience” is critical. Also this person should have a passion for managing & helping people, employees and customers