Ocala, Florida, US

HTB's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About HTB

Our Mission
Empower consumer-to-consumer eCommerce sales with face-to-face help on every type motor vehicle, part and accessory.

Our Vision
Our global Vehltor® Agent™ network will fully inform, guide, serve and protect all consumers from risks in every transaction

The Problem and Opportunity
The used vehicle industry is fragmented. Consumers waste time managing different dealer relationships to transact on used RVs, boats, cars, trucks, motorcycles, classics. Internet has global reach and benefits, presents barriers and risks. In selling and buying on-and-off the Internet, consumers have no choices for face-to-face help by someone truly on their side, everyone’s on their own.

The Solution
• Convenient 1-stop online marketplace to sell & buy your vehicles by eCommerce with local in person help; and to buy parts & accessories.
• Consumers now have Vehltor® Agents™ as their own advocates; Vehltor® Agents touch every vehicle, verify ID on every seller & buyer.
•A Vehltor® Agent™ face-to-face can help you buy or consign all types of vehicles you own for us to sell by eCommerce for you.

We have developed a company that changes the used vehicle industry physical/online landscape for private owners of vehicles. A eCommerce vehicle consignment model. Ultimately will be international, securing the US market first, starting Florida. Structured to be a franchise, or we can keep developments and operations in all states and not go franchise. We have solid team, pro forma, business plan and almost a decade of operations.

Proven disruptive model ready to launch opening locations, developed through operating three locations over the past ten years, seeking others for different roles and co-founders; can be another driver in the front seat; or one seeking roles/larger opportunities.


#1 should be entrepreneurial; passionate about innovating change

#2 social philanthropist spirit; you want what you do to make a difference

#3 you could have interest in any role, or as a backer, active/silent partner (but you can be without capital); i.e. sweat equity only.

#4 helpful if comfortable involved with used vehicles (classics, cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, RVs)

#5 technology background and/or interest helpful as a CTO potential role.

#6 can be involved from anywhere in the world

#7 if you dislike car dealer/salesman/ vehicle industry predator culture, this is your opportunity to replace car dealer/salesman with superlative alternatives and better peoples lives

#8 our company expects to take lead in $4.7 trillion US used vehicle market, revolutionize the way private owners of vehicles transact on used vehicles both on and offline

**THIS IS NOT A SOLICITATION FOR AN INVESTOR. My background; 40+ years vehicle industry, 20+ years technology, software, ecommerce. This is an industry game changer. We're seeking key people to go with us. Let's talk.