Hubert Chan

Boulder, Colorado, US

Hubert's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Hubert

Having the ability to work on a flexible timetable is becoming more desirable. With the advancement of the internet, everyone now has more flexibility in terms of when and where they work/study. Although this more elastic day enables people to better plan their time, the reality is that people still need advice or help. Fortunately, we live in an age of global connectivity.
Sensei Tutors capitalizes on our increasingly fluid world by connecting experts with those who need them. Since the internet functions regardless of local time, students burning the midnight oil anywhere can, through our service, be connected to professional advisors at any time whether it’s day or night. Many students decides to do their homework really late at night where there isn’t much resources to help them. Sensei tutors is the solution to this problem.
Our initial focus is on education; from there we will expand into the corporate world. Hopefully, once we have built up our reputation, then we will expand beyond the education business, such as to lawyers, financial advisors, and programmers.
Our software will unlock pent-up demand for knowledge-sharing. With our in house keyword matching system, students take a picture of the problem they are struggling with and add a brief description, which our software will match with the keywords in a specific tutor’s profile. A notification will then go to the tutor to create a direct connection with that student. Our algorithm ensures that students are matched with the tutor most able to assist them. A student can choose to work with a professional/tutor instantly or make an appointment in advance. In addition, Sensei Tutors offers a video camera with a file transfer feature to improve the efficiency of working online.
Sensei Tutors connects students to the help they need and it also allows tutors to maximize their productivity. Tutors organize their clients by time, which sometimes leaves unavoidable gaps in their day. Sensei Tutors liberates them from the time constraints of working only with local clients.