Hugh Geiger

Product Management, Business Development

Mountain View, California, US


Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Hugh

I'm a 3x entrepreneur and a mentor to dozens of companies. I'm looking for an experienced technical cofounder to build a voice / NLP based team collaboration app (MVP). This is an enterprise software play, similar to Slack but centered around voice interaction.

Seed funding is available, but the cofounder role is equity based. I am not interested in working with dev. shops.

I excel at product strategy, customer / product market fit, and fundraising. I'm looking to work with strong technical people with prototypes or proof of concepts.

I am particularly interested in b2b or enterprise work automation, novel applications of NLP, ML directed at non-consumer markets.

I prefer the business development/fundraising side of startup life and work best with strong product oriented people.

I've been through techstars, won 22+ startup awards, raised several rounds of venture funding. I've designed IoT products, voice interfaces, cloud computing business, and large ERP platforms. I can hack a little python, but my passions are product management and BD.


Move fast and break things. - Zuckerberg