Hugo Esteves

Lisbon, Portugal

Eng. | MBA | Business Intelligence | Data Analytics | Data Science Enthusiast | Impact Entrepreneur
Hugo's Skills
Conflict Management
Knowledge Management
Information Management
Product Management
Project Management
Business Analysis
Product Ideation
Concept Ideation
Design Thinking
Sustainability Management
Sustainability Strategy
Data Analytics
Social Entrepreneurship
Impact Investing
Machine Learning
Performance Analysis
Performance Management
Telecommunications Consulting
Strategic Marketing
Business Strategy
Business Intelligence
Data Mining
Data Science
Building Strong Relationships
Business Planning
Business Development

Startup Experience

First time founder

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About Hugo

My ultimate goal and my purpose in everything I do is to create a better world by doing good, to the society and to each individual, while doing better, thoughtful and ethical businesses.

I worked in the everyday challenging telecommunications field for ten years, where I have taken diversified roles, from engineering to consulting, from project management to business development, and where I was fortunate enough to live and work abroad across the globe (Portugal, Spain, France, Sweden, Angola, Chile, Italy and Mexico). There, I was exposed to real multicultural and multidisciplinary working environments. These experiences made me a better, happier and stronger human being.

Recently, I decided that I had to push further my self development: I enrolled myself in two masters at the same time, an MBA, to be on top of the business trends and the best managerial approaches, and in a Master in Information Management, to explore deeper my knowledge about Data Science (I am finishing my MSc thesis on predictive analytics applied to Alzheimer's disease, a field that is one of my biggest passions).

Nowadays, I am moving forward with some impact entrepreneurial projects, in areas like HR, AI/Machine Learning, Media and Education, pushing forward my ideas impact in the society. I do believe that there is only one way of doing sustainable business: with ethics and with impact, helping society solving their real needs.

I am looking for people who love (and have expertise) art, design and/or illustration to help me develop a digital platform for enhancing entrepreneurship ecosystems. The motivation for doing something great is the most important factor to me.

I am also looking for a software developer, backend, and also a data scientist to help me develop my other project regarding Human Resources.

If all of this resonate with you, let's talk!


In a gentle way, you can shake the world. - Gandhi

Work Experience

Senior Radio Access Network Consultant / Performance Consultant


December 2007 - September 2016

Network Performance Analyst and Consultant, taking as well leadership roles for advanced technologies project setup, such as 4G, both in international and national contexts. Project management and team leading in international projects with a strong focus on quality and efficiency improvement, on the developing of new ways of working and on the customer relationship management. - Increased customer satisfaction about the service and product in an international project, in Chile, having the role of Performance Management Team Leader within a cross-cultural and cross-functional team (12 different nationalities). - Go-to-market successfully achieved for new 3G product in the role of Product Developer (at Ericsson’s Headquarters in Stockholm). - Been able to raise the level of knowledge sharing in the Mediterranean region radio department through webinars and workshops. - Descriptive data analytics; business intelligence analyst role, aiming to get insights about the future network needs to help customers to be better prepared for the next investments. For a full description please refer to my linkedin profile.

Business Strategist Consultant


July 2017 - August 2017

Project Manager

Collective Sensing Research

March 2018 - May 2018


Nova Information Management School

Masters in Information Management

2016 - 2018

Nova / Catótica / MIT Sloan

Master in Business Administration

2017 - 2017

Instituto Superior Técnico

Electrical and Computer Engineering

2000 - 2006

Photographic Expression Movement


2011 - 2016