Hugo Soto

Houston, Texas, US

Hugo's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Hugo

My background experience is well rounded and robust particularly for my age. I have 2 years of experience working in a small specialty finance company in the Real Estate industry that has greatly enhanced my skill set by exposing me to all the sides of maintaining, operating, and growing a small business. I’ve participated in multiple company sponsored Competitions to compliment my education in the Energy industry, such as a Strategic Sourcing competition for Enhanced Vertical Deep-sea Trees with FMC Technologies where I earned first place, A Strategic Sourcing competition for Hydrochloric acid with Halliburton where I earned 3rd place, a tax competition for PWC regarding cloud computing, software taxation and composition where I earned 4th place. An Oil Company Expansion Project where I simulated and scheduled the expansion of an Oil Refinery to take advantage of the Light to Heavy Crude Differential Trends, and making sourcing decisions based to meet HSSE standards.
Other relevant skills and projects that have enhanced my skills include: Teaching computer classes about basic computing and Micosoft Office Suite to adults with the Mexican institute of Greater Houston, teaching financial literacy to High School kids with Skills for Living, and teaching guitar to underprivileged kids with The Children’s Music Foundation. I’ve worked as manager for local marketing events for Microsoft under Alem International Management.

I need an experienced Programmer efficient in C# with experience using Unity with a good attitude and a solutions based approach to problems ideally with experience in the oil and gas industry.