Hunter Berge

Austin, Texas, US

Hunter's Skills
Product Management

About Hunter

Myself and two other business partners have developed a way to remotely render and distribute marketing videos. ClickCue is an online video creation and marketing platform that allows anyone to create and distribute Hollywood quality videos in minutes. Simply select from a variety of professionally made video templates in your industry, replace some inputs with you text, images, video, and logo, and our software does the rest.

We are looking for someone to come on board with PHP or Angular.js knowledge to help us develop this product and improve the functionality. We already have the foundation laid out, now it is just the minor tweaks to make the software bulletproof. Our backend is coded with PHP and our front end with Angular.js - so we are looking for either one of these skills. We are willing to give a hefty portion of the company up for a good co-founder that knows what they are doing and is willing to put in the work to make this product incredible. Email me for more details.

We already have massive traction - proving concept and showing us that this product is going to be huge. We were recently accepted into the Capital Factory's accelorator program in Austin, TX. We also have contracts ready to be fulfilled that would get push our product to tens of thousands of individuals.

We are ready to get you on board. If you are a hard working and knowledgable individual who can see the vision and potential, we want you on the team.