Husain patanwala

New York, New York, US

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About Husain

My colleague and I have partnered with a Fortune 500 company that developed a technology currently being used at one of the top 3 managed care organizations (“MCO”) in the country. That MCO is interested in buying the technology because it reduced average patient wait times by 57%.

The Fortune 500 company wants to divest of this technology for strategic reasons. We need to find an entrepreneur with operating experience to take the reigns. We can build a health IT firm without going through the first 2-3 years of development, product-market fit, and piloting. The MCO is a huge name, and the testimonials we have from them are highly valuable.

Also, the Fortune 500 company has a 100+ person sales force in health care that has agreed to handle sales and Tier 1 support on a commission basis.

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