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Do you hate memorizing passwords? Do you use strong passwords? Have you heard password horror stories? The Hushio Key is the solution that lets you leave memorizing passwords to your smartphone and inputting strong passwords to the Hushio Key. Simply put, the Hushio Key acts as a bridge between your computer and your smartphone to help you keep your passwords safe and easy to use.

The Hushio Key is a USB key that plugs into your computer while maintaining a Bluetooth connection to your smartphone. When you are ready to log in to a password-secured account (ie, Amazon, Gmail, online banking), simply press one of the buttons on your Hushio Key that you have previously assigned to the account you want to log in. The Hushio Key will read the appropriate password from your smartphone and send it to your computer, similar to an USB keyboard. Voila; logging in is as easy as the touch of a button.

Why is the Hushio Key revolutionary?
Never memorize another password
Avoid mistyping or using the wrong password
Employ strong passwords hassle free
Save time spent typing out passwords
Save time spent referencing passwords stored on your smartphone
Manage passwords more easily with your smartphone
Leave the Hushio Key plugged in to maximize convenience
Make the switch easy with no driver or software installation required

With the Hushio Key, you will not only obliterate the need to remember all of your passwords, but also be able to employ stronger and safer passwords to protect yourself from hackers. At work and at home, this key will simplify the arduous task of password maintenance. The Hushio Key; the key to making passwords easy.

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