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London, United Kingdom

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Hi, I'm Ingrid. Thanks for stopping to consider me. I'm a seasoned entrepreneur, so far involved in 3 startups: 

Confused.com: Britain's 1st price comparison site, and now a Top 3 insurance portal.

Ninah Consulting: data consultancy with software that predicts cashflow from marketing plans and ad campaigns. Licensed by FTSE 100s. I was CEO for 11 years, and did a joint venture deal with Publicis Media.

WeBuyNearby - food eCommerce. But I stopped it as it was too low margin v data/tech.

I'm looking for a software developer to join me in a new technology business, building a SaaS product for Marketing eg media agencies, brand consultancies, marketing directors of global banks, insurance, retailers and telco's. The product will need to be quality, the code stable, true to function and easy to build on. You need to build it yourself to a functional spec that I have produced based on what I can sell.

I am looking to collaborate with a technical individual.
So no agencies or partnerships please, it's unnecessary complexity. 
If you are an individual who is

- based in the UK and able to meet me face-to-face
- naturally dynamic, eager and self motivated
- up-to-date with the latest technology
- serious about starting a business (ie not a contractor seeking leads)
- up for a challenge (the ideas are disruptive & will require courage, questioning & faith)
- happy to sign, and abide by, a mutual NDA and collaboration agreement

and can
- see the big picture, but sweat the necessary detail
- code a platform, website or app to a high quality standard
- customise templates, adding sophisticated features, not reinventing the wheel
- create a trial MVP
- build the full-stack or at least know people who can

.....then I'd like to hear from you.

I am currently building the website shop window (in Wordpress) which defines the product promise. I will wireframe the product spec and features for the build and show you the business plan, branding etc, so you can decide whether you believe in it, and/or me, sufficiently to get onboard.
I will run the Company and be responsible for sales. 

I have an excellent network spanning start ups, marketing departments of big corporations; media agencies and data analytics, and have secured initial interest from potential buyers, so now require a working prototype. Once we have a few sales and get traction, we can secure investment to grow the business.

If you can demonstrate excellent coding skills, (examples of your work, references etc), and can commit the time, I would like to hear from you.

It could be the start of a fantastic business. 


University of Birmingham

BA Hons Business Studies

1989 - 1989