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Sydney, Australia
Startup stage
Business Development, Marketing, Product Management, Finance, Management, Sales, Strategy, Design, Technical, Operations, User Experience, Fundraising
Hardened Structures : Constructing A More Secure Future. "Military Grade" Risk Mitigation. Bunkers, Shelters, Fortified Homes, Off The Grid Luxury Survival Retreats : Construction. Security. Specialists In Project Secrecy, Confidential Planning, Architectural Design, Extreme Engineering, Covert Construction, Clandestine Contracting Techniques, High Level Security, EMP, CBRNe Risk Factors & Fortified Data Centers. Operating internationally with particulatr focus on the USA, Australain & New Zealand markets ( head office is in Virginia Beach, Virginia ). The existing team has very strong technical and design skill sets while there is room for improvement around the business development, marketing, web presence, social media etc. Hardened Structures target market includes UHNW & HNW Individuals. We are interested in value added collaboration leveraging the group of companies core skill sets ref. LinkedIn profile. Investors/Co-Founders, Sweat Equity/Co-Founders opportunities relate to value added propositions including developing new markets / countries in this high growth industry. Perhaps there is value I / we can add to your projects / envisionings. Email

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