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Ian Morrison

Founder & CEO @gkim-digital. Turning digital visions into reality.

Glasgow, United Kingdom
Startup stage
Product Management, Marketing, Programming, Technical, Management, Finance
My life’s passion has been to wonder at the visions of creative people and to help bring their dreams to digital life. These “creatives” have come from the worlds of video game design, international marketing agencies and the wild eyed but very sober entrepreneurs who have a real sense of how to change the world. With a successful career spanning multiple continents and a project portfolio including many awards, technological achievements and commercial successes, I feel I am now finding my groove. With a toolbag of frameworks and models, including the “GEARS” methodology that I created, my team and I work with entrepreneurs to organize their Business Ideas, discover the digital DNA and help to project manage them to profit. Are you looking for someone to chart your digital business to success? Does the phrase “digital business architect” sound appealing to you? Do you need someone with skin in the game? 💡Discover how we can digitize your ideas like no other developer. Let us give you the competitive advantage you need in these trying times. ✔ GKIM collaborates on digital strategy and advises on technology choices. We take care of all aspects of digital design, software development and operations. ✔ Team GKIM is composed of highly qualified and experienced development professionals and has 30 full time employees in its HCMC headquarters. Headed by me - Ian Morrison, GKIM is a well established software design and development firm.

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