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Cleveland, Ohio, US

Year-Round Hops Farm
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About Ian

I'm a hydroponics specialist. I've had the fortune to work with and see a number of the Chicago-based hydroponic farms and have come away from all of them with lessons learned about what works and what doesn't work in this young sector.

To that end I have developed a poc indoor hydroponic hops farm. I am the first to have worked this out - to supply monthly harvests of fresh, wet hops to microbreweries. Other similar businesses that are starting to pop up are bound to fail because - I have seen their operations - they do not adequately address an efficient cycle from planting to flower, nor do they adequately address an efficient harvest method. In fact, similar indoor and greenhouse operations are LESS efficient than their field counterparts.

I believe there is a wealth of space to be absorbed in this industry and I am looking for a partner(s) to help exploit it. I am looking for someone who is interested in this business and who can a) lead on the business side, b) contribute to the build-out and possibly maintenance/growing side, and c) invest.

(I am currently in the Cleveland/Akron area but relocating is possible depending on a number of variables. Especially open to Atlanta and the Southwest).

p.s. I am also starting trials for another unique specialty crop that I believe can have tremendous success in areas with strong culinary scenes.


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