London, Arkansas, US

Ianp's Skills

About Ianp

I'm a full time freelance web developer based in London, UK who works with clients across the globe with over 10 years experience.

My recent work includes an internal EMEA-wide e-learning site for Fujistu Siemens with Adobe flex integration, a security travel application for Lockheed Martin's 140,000 user base and a mobile friendly blended learning application for Barclays Bank including REST API, event management etc, social feeds etc. As well as larger clients, i've also developed a series of MVPs for startups/companies and I can rapidly get a product or idea out of the door and onto peoples screens.

I have experience in corporate environments/projects (internal web apps serving 10,000+ users daily) as well as more media/music focused sites (one was recently featured on a google chrome TV campaign)

I'm currently working on developing a mLearning solution for smartphones and tablets including a HTML5 authoring environment offering native app class course creation and online/offline tracking. I've also launched other web apps myself, see mailerforge.com as an example and can handle both the frontend development and backend work.

I've you're looking for someone to help develop your product or idea, or you're looking for a tech cofounder, send me a message!