Ib Warnerbring

London, United Kingdom

Co-founder, UI/UX designer, full-stack developer
Ib's Skills
Product Management
Business Development
User Experience

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Ib

Senior product designer with 9+ years experience in London, expert in UX/UI and data-driven design. Most efficient in startup environments due to skill versatility, but have previous agency background working with corporate clients.

Primarily a UX/UI designer but also a full-stack designer+developer, able to take products all the way from idea to implementation. Skill set:

- Graphic design (branding, identity)

- Product vision (features, big picture decisions, direction, tech options)

- Product design (UX-led, user-first, data-driven decisions)

- Rapid Prototyping (static HTML/CSS demos, interactive iOS/Android demos)

- Frontend coding (enterprise-level HTML/CSS, some JS)

- Backend implementation (Ruby on Rails, Wordpress)

Capable of covering several roles if needed, with several launched projects under my belt where I've had full control from idea to launch. Huge supporter of team-centric approach, user testing, lean, 'getting real', remote/result, flexible hours, and other industry methods that promote efficiency and improve decision-making.

Work Experience

Lead Designer

Boom Studios (Dribble)

June 2016 - December 2016

Joined in the early stages, tasked to clean up and improve the UI/UX of fantasy football mobile app Dribble (playdribble.com) who are backed by Sky Bet. I focused on designing the primary iOS and Android apps, with a priority in re-thinking the onboarding as there were several dropoff points in the original flow. I also worked with the marketing team on improving conversion numbers through marketing material, landing pages, emails and user interaction with the app.



March 2016 - January 2017

Fortissimo is a two-man evenings+weekends side project team, creating niche web apps for the music industry. So far we have launched crowdfunding platform Plus-A-Tee (plus-a-tee.com) and will soon launch promoter tool Promobot.

Lead Designer / Frontend Developer

Steer 73

April 2014 - June 2016

Sole designer at small digital agency Steer 73 (steer73.com), mostly working with corporate clients like Paddy Power (designing their Acca Tracker mobile app), Regus (designing and implementing internal spinoff products, including their whole proprietary Wi-Fi signup flow), Tiger (designing their international corporate website), Boxman (designing their whole app) and Hermes (designing a spinoff marketplace product to complement their primary business). At Steer73 I had complete ownership of prototyping, frontend implementation, prototyping, UI and UX. We also worked on our own internal building entry solution (ingressone.com), which got us into the Microsoft Accelerator programme.

Product Designer


May 2013 - April 2014

Sole designer at music-centric dating platform Tastebuds (tastebuds.fm), in charge of all things UI and UX. Most of my time was spent refreshing the UI but we also did lots of prototyping feature experiments and conversion improvements. I also designed the first version of Tastebuds’ native iOS app.

Freelance designer/developer


June 2008 - April 2013

Spent five years working as a freelance designer/developer in the London startup scene, working with lovely companies like The Backscratchers, Ninety Percent, Echo Sourcing, Cult Beauty, Believe Perform, etc.