Idan Gurel

New York Mills, New York, US

Idan's Skills
Product Management

About Idan

At the last couple of years I was working at the telecommunication technological scene in Israel. The main product I was working on was changing the broadcasting method from satellite to IP (TV everywhere). I enjoyed this role very much, as it had a lot of opportunities for entrepreneurship. The new broadcasting system make things simpler in terms of TV broadcast and made me come out with some crazy products for the company I was working for. Before that I defined and was a product manager at two of the most successful products ever to be made in the Israeli telco companies. The first was a music product and the other one was a feature phone tv application.
A month ago I left Israel and came to New York.
I just finished defining and writing the MRD of a new product I want to develop. It's a combination of the TV industry and smartphones. If you are an enthusiastic hacker who wants to get involved in an adventure I would love to meet you and maybe we can work together.