Igor Kraev

Sunnyvale, California, US

Igor's Skills
Product Management
Business Development

About Igor

My own work in the last few years has been focused on the development and marketing of matrix music/video streaming services...

- Why do so many of the existing content delivery web and mobile apps feel so awkward?

- What kind of an interface must a streaming service have so that a user could pick one of
a hundred available channels with a single click?

- What’s the best way to present to an audience, top hits from Bollywood, or Korean pop,
or contemporary Brazilian music?

- How to quickly and effectively present an artist and their new hit to millions of Internet

- Why is the success of a new film determined by it’s box office take while the success of
a song by the number of spins / streams?

- How do we create a system where:
- today an artist records a new track and uploads it on a streaming service's server
- tomorrow the song is heard and enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of fans
- in a week’s time, the authors and performers of the new hit can see how much
revenue the track has generated in its first week of release?

It doesn't matter that there already exists a Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music etc, it doesn't matter that billions have been invested into these companies and they have huge user base.

The creation of a better music streaming service has been going on...