Igor Kutsybin

New York, New York, US

Igor's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Igor

Hi. Have you ever you think how technology closely come to our life? I do. More, I develop these technologies.

Last years working with hardware projects, and receiving proofs of demand on it, winning contests and hackthons, for now I'm planning to launch next product to the market via crowdfunding. Product is a portable projector, you can always keep with you. Mainly it's targeted to parents who wants better childhood to their children and of course for well-known big children geeks, who gonna totally love it. This product is chosen to test crowdfunding capabilities, as we have strong marketing support from biggest US and Australian media. The project will be launched with Kickstarter.
I'm looking for co-founder who interested in Hardware and mostly in projects at the intersection of hardware and software. Ideally I'm looking for a person who want to participate & launch project via crowdfunding and get experience for launching more innovative products to the market.

I will be very happy to speak, discuss, plan, organize and implement interesting & amazing ideas into my existing projects and to develop your project as well.

The project is starting in first dates of December.