Igor Rubinovich

Prague, Czechia

Entrepreneur, IT architect, full stack software engineer
Igor's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Igor

Short about me: an experienced software engineer with project/product management background including corporate experience.

Looking for customers, strategic partners, investors, cofounders.

I am developing a cloud-based solution based on nodejs, neo4j (graph DB) and polymer (frontend) that can support a very wide range of business/technical requirements including business process automation, systems integration and hybrid applications (web/mobile/desktop).
There is a customer that pays for the first development based on the platform which has been launched in an MVP form in May 2017 ago and is currently in everyday use by a small team of users and about 8000 public visitors daily, but the work continues and we'll be launching a much improved and extended version early in 2018.

Here is a technical overview of the system in case you're inclined to learn more: https://www.kacey.eu/

Ping me for any details.